6 Tips To Make Slow Android Smartphones Super Fast

6 tips to make Slow Android smartphones super fast

There are many major changes over android in the Android smartphones. The processor, RAM and storage of the phone are being increased compared to the earlier ones. The more the hitech is being made to the phone, the problem of slow or hang in the phone is also increasing. One big reason for the slow or hang of the phone is cache data, unused files and folders. To get the most out of these, users are supporting anti-virus apps. In this way we are going to tell you some ways to fast down Android phones for which no app needs to be downloaded.

1. Clear the Home screen :

Keep the phone’s home screen clear. Removing the Live Wallpaper or Weather Update widget in the phone. Also, if there are many windows on the home screen of the phone, then remove them as they are more likely to be slower than most phone slovers.

2. Turn on data saver mode on :

Turn on Data Saver option in Chrome browser. This makes Chrome open and compress any page. This leads to quick loading of pages and low data expenditure. However, this also reduces image quality and video quality, but there is no problem getting phone slough.

3. Auto-sync off :

There are many apps that come with the option of auto sync. If you do not need auto-sync then turn them off. If the data of the app is constantly auto-sync, then the app slows down and loads on the phone too.

4. Clear the cache data Clear :

Every app gets cache data in the smartphone. It should be deleted from time to time. There are also many junk files which make the phone a lot of slow.

5. Turn off the running apps in background :

Even after closing the apps they open in the phone, they remain active in the background. The phone hangs on it because it loads significantly from RAM and processor. In such a way, stop the running apps in the background.

6. Keep phone software update :

Update software whenever your phone comes with softwares. Updating the phone periodically improves the performance of the phone.

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