Akshya Tritiya 2018 Offer Date of GRT, Tanishq, Lalitha & Other Jewellery

akshya tritiyaAkshaya Tritiya 2018 date

Akshaya Tritiya is on the date of 3rd lunar Tithi day this year 2018 in the Hindu month of Vaishakha with the Sun & Moon are in exaltation. As per gregorian calendar In 2018, Akshaya Trithiya is falling on  18th April 2018. The Hindu Vedic traditions & culture consider this festival as the most important day to perform Punya Karya. Presently Akshaya Trithiya is linked with gold purchase and several people await for the day to do gold investments.

For the womens who are looking for gold ornaments buying this year in 2018 search for akshya tritiya offers from major chennai gold retailers shop and with few are already announced and some jewellers may retain the same previous year akshya trithiya gold scheme

2018 BIG Bazaar Akshaya tritiya offer includes fifty percent discount on second purchase like on buying diamond jewellery worth rupees twenty thousand the customer gets 50% worth value free on the 2nd one. In other words it is double happiness. Also 25% off on diamond jewels purchases below Rs.20000. Also golden offers flat 25% off on making charges of gold coins. And thirty five percentage off on making chgs of BIS Hallmarked Jewelleries. This BIG Bazaar Akshaya tritiya offer valid for fifteen days from the date of offer announcement across all the store outlets in indian metro cities refer http://www.futurebazaar.com

Tanishq Jewellery AT 2018 Offer is yet to announce its akshaya trithiyai offer for the upcoming tamil new year 2018 that is likely to start on april 18th It is indicative that the offer may be similar to earlier 2016 2017 Akshaya Tritiya offers like on purchase of diamond jewellery worth between 10000 and 25000 the customer gets a coupon free with surpise gifts. This year 2018 akshya tritiya it may also have further tanishq stores opening at any part of India. However always tanishq gives the best of the best rates during akshya tritiya and for updated latest news offers on akshya tritiya please access http://www.tanishq.co.in

Davanam Jewellers is back with more discounts on this 2018 Akshaya Tritiya Special Offers between 14.04.2018 – 02.05.2018 like in terms offering lower cheap gold rates, free gold and silver coins for purchases over 25000 and above. Also grab the flat five percent on diamonds and platinum. There is special discounts Offers like Rupees fifty less a gram on gold products, 5% on diamond and 10% on ruby stones and emerald. Also waiting for the exclusive customers are the spl gifts who joins the savings scheme on Akshya Tritiya Auspicious Day please do online shopping here www.davanam.com






GRT will advertise its 2018 GRT AT Offer for Akshya Trithiya 2018 falling on May second, 2018 anytime before the celebration starts. GRT always stands top among the chennai jewel retailers in offering the best schemes on akshya tritiyas every year. And this time is no exception for the buyers who are wait to grab the discounts, rebates, freebies, coupons, free, and much more.






Lalitha Jewellery Akshaya Trithiya Thallupadi one of the popular gold jewellery retailer shops in chennai has stores across the chennai and other metro cities in India. It is one of the shop that gets maximum customers on the day of akshya tritiya 2018 for the best lalitha jewellery akshya tritiya offers. It is about to announce its scheme again for 2018 LJ AT for the lowest budget customers to top luxury clients on all bullions.

Across the jewellery retail shops located in chennai, madurai, kolkata, delhi, bangalore, ahmedabad, mumbai, pune, hyderabad, coimbatore, dubai, singapore, malaysia from the branches of all indian gold retailers the akshya tritiya offer 2018 is especially is for tamilians and tamil speaking people celebrating akshya tritiyai pandigai

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Download the Akshya-Tritiya Offer Banner Ad here from the above PDF

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