Best iPhone Models for the Upcoming Year 2019

No one aware what the 2018 iPhones will be named yet, much before the 2019, but Apple can give any name to the future iPhone like iPhone 10, iPhone Edition, iPhone Pro, iPhone XII, iPhone X3, or iPhone Infinity War.

For the want of easyness, iPhone 2019 will be utilized in our rumor roundup until we come to know otherwise.

When will the iPhone 2019 be announced?

Starting with the iPhone 5, Apple has launched each flagship iPhone only during a special event organized the 1st or 2nd Tuesday or Wednesday of September.

Similarly, after iPhone 5, Apple has delivered all flagship iPhone the 2nd Friday following the event, except the iPhone 6s in the year 2015, that dispatched the 3rd Friday after the event, and iPhone X, that got shipped on 3rd November:

Previous patterns are the perfect indicator of all future events, but they aren’t correct. Apple can and will place curveballs as and when it’s logistics or strategy requires.

How will be the iPhone 2019 design?

iPhone 2018 is anticipated to have the iPhone X design across the line: Normal size, additional size, and even low-cost. 2019 could be the S ver. of those, or could let Apple diminish or even remove the notch.

Will touch Identity return?

Not sure. With the model of iPhone X, Apple removed the Home button and Touch ID. Inplace, we had Face ID. While it’s often possible Apple will get back Touch ID, applying it under the screen.

What color will be given to iPhone 2019?

Until now, Apple company has stored the fresh iPhone finishes for decades yet that didn’t have fair redesigns.

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