Big Best Currency in India & The world in 2019

It is usually felt that the most trusted currency to have your savings or hold long term fundings is none other than the American US dollar. Everyone fully agrees, even more, as an overseas trader the strongly suggested is the use of the dollar in at least one of the major and backup pairs if one being a currency trader due to its exclusive qualities that it has. But for international transactions the foreign exchange risk needs a special attention.

Big Best Currency Pair

The United States dollar is the desired reference in many currency exchange transactions globally. It is the world’s ruling reserve currency.

The following are not essentially the best Forex pairs to trade in business, as they are those that have great liquidity and fill the most foreign exchange transactions like

  • EUR/ USD Euro US dollar
  • USD/ JPY US dollar Japanese yen
  • GBP/ USD British pound US dollar
  • AUD/ USD Australian US dollar
  • USD/ CHF US dollar Swiss franc
  • USD/ CAD US Canadian dollar

The worths of these big best currencies go fluctuates as per each other as trade volumes between the 2 countries modify each minute. These pairs are normally associated with nations that have strong financial power, and the countries with a good volume of trade held globally.

Let’s begin with the truth that there are three groups of currency pairs:

  • Major Currency Pairs
  • Cross-currencies
  • Exotic Pairs

The major currency pairs are pairs that comprise the US dollar and the currencies of the most important nations (or groups of countries). Here they are:


You can sell all pairs from the above, with exception to USD/CAD. USD/CAD is not well foreseeable with the aid of technical analysis and is fit unless only for night scalping.

Let’s have a look at the five various categories. Give a look at the summary of the full Top 100 coins for reference. From the 1,500 coins there are

  • 500 true shitcoins have either no exact use, growth has stopped, nor partnerships or they are just an outright scam (Metalmusic coin, Macron, Quatloo, Titcoin, Russia Coin, Ethereum classic, Veritaseum, Bitcoin Diamond, Bitcoin Gold, Verge, TrumpCoin, MetalMusicCoin, Bytecoin, Bitcoin Diamond, Hshare)
  • 500 average coins have somewhere for a cause, but there is no heavy team behind it and they don’t have a fair go-to-market strategy, may be one or two partnerships and/or they are somewhat sketchy in different aspects like Dogecoin, GameCredits, Lymp, Monaco, TRON, Litecoin, Groestlcoin, Digibyte, Decred, Zcoin, BTCP, QLINK, Chainlink, Bytom, Navcoin, Populous, Monacoin, Bitshares, ZRX, Factom, Revain ,Dent, Cryptonex, Kyber network, Bancor, Achain

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