Daily Weekly Monthly Yearly Muhurtham Dates for Hindu Marriage

muhurthamThe very first new muhurtham date for the upcoming new year 2015 is computed using the ancient hindu panchangam. For all marriage related date, time, direction, good and bad benefits, rasi palangal the indian vedic tamil panchang is taken hand. Throughout the year there is a good list of muhurrtham dates falling on every calendar month of the new calendar year 2015.

All predicitons about jathakam of both bride and bride groom and their well wishers good and bad time is analyzed by horoscope astrologers. A wedding fixed on correct second, minute, hour, day, week, month and the year has their couples living everlasting in their lifetime. This is applicable for any religion faith who believe for the correct time whether muslim nikkah or christian wedding or hindu thirumanam kalyanam or vaibhavam.

The new year muhurtham dates plays an important role in commercial terms where the marriage halls or auditoriums gets booked early online then the nalla neram of muhurtam gets skipped and sometime awaited for a year or two too. The daily weekly panchanga calendar will predict the right time for any good ceremony or festivals not only suyamvaram or kannaalam.  Most important is the Marriage date, day & Nakshatram in fixing the muhurtham days.

The muhurtha neram is a practice of telugu, kannadar, malayali, keralite, tamil also. The marriage dates varies year after year that by comparing to the previous year muhurtham of 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018 not going to be the same. HEre we are yet to update the marriage dates in time line soon.

Yogam Date
Ganda 16.1.2015
Siva 25.1.2015
Siddha 26.1.2015
Bramha 29.1.2015
Sobhana 5.1.2015
Dhrithi 8.1.2015
Ganda 11.2.2015
Vajra 15.2.2015
Siddhi 16.2.2015
Subha 22.2.2015
Prithi 27.2.2015
Ganda 8.3.2015
Harshana 12.3.2015
Sobhana 22.4.2015
Ganda 27.4.2015
Vyaghata 30.4.2015
Harshana 1.5.2015
Siddha 8.5.2015
Vishkambha 14.5.2015
Sukarman 20.5.2015
Vyaghata 25.5.2015
Vajra 27.5.2015
Sadhya 3.6.2015
Ayushman 11.6.2015
Sobhana 12.6.2015
Harshana 21.6.2015
Sadhya 29.6.2015
Sobhana 8.7.2015
Vridhi 13.7.2015
Vajra 22.11.2015
Siddha 27.11.2015
Ayushman 6.12.2015
Saubhagya 7.12.2015
Dhruva 14.12.2015




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