FIFA 2018 : Five-Time Champion Brazil could not win over Switzerland in its First Group Match Draw

Update:  Five time champion Brazil drew with Switzerland 1-1   and face humiliation with brazilian fans all over the world ,  making a poor impression in its first match in Group F, leading to the blink prospect of winning the cup this time in Russia.

Five-time champion Brazilian team reached Russia, for the sixth time the title will be presented for the title

In the history of the FIFA World Cup, the five-time world champion Brazilian team arrived in Russia for the FIFA World Cup starting June 14. Confident Brazilian team will be claiming to win the Football World Cup for the sixth time. The team arrived early this morning. Star footballer Nemar and the rest of the team arrived at Sochi three o’clock in the morning at the local time from Vienna, where the team’s base would be during the tournament.

It is worth noting that before the World Cup, in the last practice match, host Australia beat Australia 3-0 and presented a spectacular preparation for their World Cup. Gabriel Jesus, Neymar and Philip Kantinho scored the five-time World Cup champions for Brazil and dusted Austria in the World Cup practice match. Brazil played with patience in the first half. But in the second half, he became extremely dangerous and scored a magnificent goal of one. After injury in February, Neymar started the match. Earlier, Neymar had returned to Croatia in the second half last week and celebrated the return by scoring a goal.

Let us know that five times the world champion Brazil is also involved in this time too big contenders. The morale of the team has also increased because his star Neymar has returned from injury and returned three months later. In February, the 26-year-old striker suffered a foot injury. He had to undergo surgery for foot surgery. For the first time after the operation, were part of the first eleven. The other two goals from the team were scored by Gabriele Jeesz and Philip Kotinho.

Austria’s team has failed to qualify for the World Cup. The Brazilian team will start its campaign in the World Cup against Switzerland on 17 June. The team has to confront Costa Rica and Serbia in the other matches of Group E.

In the Brazilian forward line, there are also Philip Koutinho and Gabriel Jesus, but certainly Neymar will have more loads of expectations. The last time Neymar got out of the World Cup due to injury, this time Neymar returned from injury and is desperate to win Brazil again after 16 years. The last time Brazil’s journey in its hostage was stopped in the World Cup semi-final. Against Germany, he had to suffer a bitter sweat of 1-7 defeat.

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