JEE Exam Results Leaked

Nearly twenty-three IITs to be operated by central govt. around the country. JEEE across the nation to join the engineering course. The Entrance exam is held for them. There are about 11,279 seats in these colleges. People who have passed the exam are qualified for this.

The JEEE conducted across the country Entry exam results were published yesterday. In this, Pranav Goyal of Haryana received the first rank from 337 marks to 360.

Rajasthan’s Shakil Jain was ranked 2nd and Kailash Gupta of Delhi took 3rd place.

Yesterday evening yesterday, the results of the examination were announced yesterday. In Haryana, Barnawal Goel has 337 marks and is leading the list.

This news was published in a Hindi evening magazine. It was mentioned in the information given by Pranav Goyal Training Institute.

Yesterday, the results of the examination were officially published and did not know how the rank detail was released. So, the results of the examination are said to have leaked.

How many marks did the examiners have? ‘Onswergie’ website has already been published. Students can know how many marks they get. No rank can be known.

But the information that Pranav Goyal has got the first rank has come out on the previous day. So IIT for conducting the inquiry claiming that the outcome was leaked. Admin has been ordered.

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