10 Jun 2018

JEE Exam Results Leaked

Nearly twenty-three IITs to be operated by central govt. around the country. JEEE across the nation to join the engineering course. The Entrance exam is held for them. There are about 11,279 seats in these colleges. People
7 Jun 2018

The Sports Council should give 33% of the revenue from professional sports or advertising: Haryana Government told the athletes

be the reason behind this decision It is said that the reason behind this decision is due to Boxer Vijendra’s government dispute. In fact, he is employed in DSP post in Haryana Government. A few days ago,
7 Jun 2018

7 mosques closed in Austria, can be removed from 60 Imams; Allegations of Islamic Politics

...of girls reading in schools. Banqua-mask may be prohibited in school-universities in Norway – In Norway, voting was held in Parliament on Thursday to ban the wearing of burqas and masks of girls studying in nursery, school
7 Jun 2018

Second Jaguar aircraft crashes in four days, slipped up to 500 feet on the runway at the time of landing

...Air Force for the last four decades. Air Force is using new technology to upgrade radar and engine in Jaguar. So that it can be used for a long time. Pilot did not leave his seat because
7 Jun 2018

Pranab Mukherjee Speech: Nationalism is not tied to any religion or caste

of calling the prominent persons. Maintaining our identity and honoring the views of others is our tradition. No one else – no enemy Leave your compressed ideas We have to organize society. The dispute is not correct
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