Second Jaguar aircraft crashes in four days, slipped up to 500 feet on the runway at the time of landing

Ahmedabad. Air Force jaguar aircraft crashed on Friday on the Jamnagar airbase of Gujarat. There is no harm to anyone in this. Pilot got out safely even before it crashed. This is the second incident in four days. Earlier on June 5, Jaguar Aircraft had crashed in Kutch. Sanjay Chauhan, the Air Commodore rank officer, was martyred in this accident. Air Force ordered the Court of Inquiry.

Slipped aircraft up to 500 feet on air base

– The Air Force spokesman said that the incident occurred at 9.20 in the morning on Friday. Prior to landing, the pilot had an accident in the plane. That’s why the Air Commodore rank officer got himself out and his life was saved.

– The agency told the sources that before the accident, he slipped up to about 500 feet on the runway.

Second incident in four days
– Jaguar Aircraft of Indian Air Force crashed on June 5 in Kutch, Gujarat. Sanjay Chauhan, the Air Commodore rank officer, was martyred in this accident. The aircraft flew from Jamnagar for routine training. Courts of the Court of Inquiry have also been ordered to investigate this incident.
– Jaguar Aichroft has been serving in the Air Force for the last four decades. Air Force is using new technology to upgrade radar and engine in Jaguar. So that it can be used for a long time.

Pilot did not leave his seat because the aircraft did not fall on the slope

– Air Commodore Sanjay Chauhan, on the way from Bhuj to Mundra, was able to save his life through the parachute by ejecting the chair during the break. But on doing so the aircraft could fall over the colony. They did not leave the seat and save their lives to save the menace.

Station commander tha chauhan
Air Commodore Sanjay Chauhan was a senior officer in Air Force. He was the station commander. Air Commodore Rank is equal to the Brigadier rank of the Army. Sanjay had serious injuries in the accident. Later he died.

The incident has happened before.
– The Air Force crashed on February 15 in Majuli Island of Assam. Both pilots were martyred in this accident. According to the media reports – this was on the Microite Aircraft (Virus SW80) routine flight.

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