State & Union Territories Official Public Holidays 2017 of Republic of India

roi-public-holidays-2017India stands second in terms of highest population in the world. Because of its enormous oversize of The Republic of India and its varied people, India owns just 3 national holidays namely Indian Republic Day on 26th of January, Indian Independence Day on 15th of August and Mahatma Ghandi’s Birthday on 2nd of October of every calendar year. But due to the citizen of the state’s own religious faith, tradition, linguistics, or events in contrast to that region, the government of India has permitted every province and territories the freedom to select holidays and thus there are several public holidays recognised & observed at state level.

India having thirty two state territories and three union territories altogether there are about 190 various holidays celebrated each year. THus the respective state governments and union territories should announce the official public holidays as early as possible for the succeeding new year according to the gregorin calendar.

Also The Indian Labour Law declares that employers offer employees a paid day off for the 3 main national holidays. And incase the employee required to work, they ultimately given a paid day off in lieu for the holiday or rewarded a premium rate for entire hours worked on that national holiday.

Regional, Language-oriented, Cultural, & Religious Holidays

There are many different holidays celebrated by each territory in India with few territories leading to 18 holidays per annum. However same holidays are observed in several territories at instance. Aliens wanting to conduct business or visiting India should know the holidays in the indian territory they are plan to visit and ensure that businesses are open on arrival. As some of these holidays sometimes vary in dates every year due to their computation using a lunar calendar, businessmen and visitors should review these holidays that they wish to visit or part business in these locals.

In India, the bank holidays are most contrast to the indian national holidays and the state holidays. For sake, it is good to check the banking hours of operation of any bank one choose. Here is the list of state wise holidays and union territory wise holidays for the upcoming new year 2017.

Andaman & Nicobar Islands Lakshadweep
Andhra Pradesh Madhya Pradesh
Arunachal Pradesh Maharashtra
Assam Manipur
Bihar Meghalaya
Chandigarh Mizoram
Chattisgarh Nagaland
Dadra and Nagar Haveli Orissa
Daman and Diu Puducherry
Delhi Punjab
Goa Rajasthan
Gujarat Sikkim
Haryana Tamil Nadu
Himachal Pradesh Telangana
Jammu & Kashmir Tripura
Jharkhand Uttar Pradesh
Karnataka Uttarakhand
Kerala West Bengal


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