The Owner Of Coca-Cola Used To Sell Chakanya, There Is No Dhaba In India

The owner of Coca-Cola used to sell chakanya, there is no dhaba in India, who has opened such a company: Rahul

Addressing party’s OBC workers in Delhi, Rahul told the owners of both the companies.

Rahul Gandhi on Monday claimed that the owner of the Coca-Cola Company sold the first sculpture. At the same time, a person who started the McDonald’s chain was driving Dhaba. He questioned the people whether there would be any dhaba in India which has formed the cola cola company. He said this while addressing the party’s OBC workers at the Talkatora Stadium.

Rahul started the story by telling

– Rahul said that 4 years ago he had read a story. The story said, “Some fashion designers from France went to France and fashion designers showed their clothes here, fashion designers of France, America and England mocked them.”

– “A few days later when I found a designer of that show, I asked him why did you make fun of our designer at the show that for the first time you had a brown skin (which is not fair) in front of you?”
‘Designer said – who came from India was not tailor’

– Rahul further said, “that designer told me that you can listen to your truth? I tell you the truth of India, you are not angry. Show me, I understand how to cut it, it’s my skill, I understand it, I deeply understand my skills, the person who came from India was not a tailor. We got to know that it is not known about the clothes, but the clothes that he was holding was very good but the person who made it was hidden behind the room. Next time you send it to the tailor, we will clap . ”

– Rahul said, “This is the truth: the work that is done in India is hidden behind it, no one works, the advantage is to someone else.”
“The farmer will work all day long, but not a single farmer will be seen in Narendra Modi ‘s office.” Modi gave 15 industrialists Rs 2.5 lakh crore but he gave nothing to the farmers. ”

Bank doors closed for Dhabans and mechanics of India

– Rahul said, “There will not be any person who has not heard about the Coca-Cola Company, do you know who made it? I tell you who he was? The man who started the Coca Cola sells cotton in America He used to sell sugar in the water, and his skill was recognized by the people, the money came, he started the company, and in the same way the MacDonald company was started by a dhaba. In India, let’s show the look that the Coca-Cola company has made, Ford was the mechanic to introduce Mercedes Honda companies, and tell any automobile company in India that the mechanic has started. If the doors of the bank are open for these companies, then they should be open for the makers, makers, mitters, and these people have some Does not. ”
Lack of skill in the youth of the country

– Rahul said, “Modiji says that there is lack of skill in the youth of the country, we have to give them information but this is wrong. The doors of the bank and politics are closed.
The reality is that Coca-Cola’s owner was a pharmacist.

– Coca-Cola Company was started by John Pemberton. He was a pharmacist. They had mixed a soda and made a syrup.

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