The state of India where there is speculation on archery, a huge amount of earning

Targets are targeted with arrows. They are fought and won war. But, you will be surprised to know that the lottery can be played from the arrow too! Not sure if so, let us go to the state of the Northeast with Meghalaya.
Meghalaya means the house of clouds. Its capital is Shillong Go to Shillong’s Police Market, then there are many small shops on the sides of the road. At these shops you see something that seems like a lottery ticket. There are some numbers written on the blackboard in front of these shops. People standing outside the shops keep discussing about these numbers with great enthusiasm. Then they buy slips from the shop. Those papers have the numbers written in the blackboard.

Arrow is an important part of everyday life in Shillong. The people of Meghalaya have been dating for ages. It was sometimes used to defeat the enemy and protect it from external attacks. But, today the lottery number is hunted with arrows.

In this interesting game or, say, in gambling, you have to put money in any number from one to one hundred to 99. After this, the fight of the arrows is to shoot. If the number of arrows you mark, the number of bets you get, then you earn a good amount. The stakes went down, so wait for next time.

In the morning, you can bet on these shops. I.e. can buy lottery. After this the crowds are moving towards the polo grounds of Shillong. Now the name of this field has become Khasi Hills Archery Sports Institute. Here there are about 50 archery deposits for the arrows. Most of the arrows and bowmen sitting in the siege will see you chewing paan. Whose teeth are red. Also, there are crowds of people who bet on the lottery lottery.

The silence is spread in the field at the behest of the referee. After this, every archer leaves one after the other aiming at 30 arrows. In front of the eyes of the people present on the spot, there appears to be a storm of arrows.
The roots of shooting are deep
Arrows for the tribal tribe of Meghalaya have also been playing and self defense methods. Like most North-Eastern states, Meghalaya was also winning outlandish tribal life from the mainstream of the country. Even today there is no big city except Meghalaya capital Shillong. The life here is still rural and wild. Targeting people with arrows is a great way to cut time.

Professor Desmond Kharmaflong, North East Hill University of Shillong, says, “Arrow-bow shooting has a lot of roots in the community. This has led to many story-stories myths, which are still heard and heard today. According to Desmond Kharafapalang, archery people got a lot from the top of the lot.

Myth says that God Himself taught him the Shani of the local goddess. Shinam of that goddess again handed these arrows to his sons, Yu Shina and Yu sons. Both of these children play and become very big shooters.

British army combat
Among the people of Meghalaya, this divine art still works very well. Desmond Kharmaflong points out that even when a boy is born in Meghalaya, three arrows and bow are placed beside him. The first arrow is a sign of his land. So, the other arrow identifies his family and the third arrow itself becomes his identity.

After the death of the people, this bow is kept with them. These arrows are preserved after the birth of any boy. After death, they are thrown at the sky and thrown out. It means that these arrows will go along with that person to the janaza. Recent history of shooting from the arrow begins with the beginning of the nineteenth century.

In April 1829, the local warrior Yu Tirot Sig Siemy fought the British army with the archers’ army. However, he lost to the British in this war. But even today their bravery stories are in the trend. U Tirot Sig Siemy is considered the brave freedom fighter of this area.
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